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The second episode of Loki’s self-titled solo journey hit Disney Plus on Wednesday, selecting up with the God of Mischief after his introduction to the Time Variance Authority‘s superior energy. The Marvel Cinematic Universe present follows the beloved villain’s 2012 self within the wake of his dastardly escape in Avengers: Endgame.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) found that one other model of him is wreaking havoc throughout the Sacred Timeline by slaughtering groups of TVA brokers and gathering the reset expenses they use to take care of the right move of time. Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) recruits him to hunt the variant, reasoning that he may give them perception into the opposite Loki’s devious plan.

Time to hunt a timeline fugitive in SPOILER territory, in an episode entitled “The Variant.”

Marvel Studios

Girl Loki

After a lot teasing as the opposite Loki variant took over one physique after one other, the episode ends with the revelation that the fugitive is feminine (British actor Sophia Di Martino). That’ll definitely make it simpler to inform the Lokis aside, though the male one appears to be irrelevant to the feminine one’s plans.

“This is not about you,” she tells him.

Girl Loki vanishes right into a time portal — presumably discovering a special apocalypse to cover in — and her male counterpart follows after a second of indecision, a lot to the chagrin of Mobius and the opposite TVA brokers. The portal remained open simply lengthy sufficient for Loki to leap in, suggesting Girl Loki desires to proceed their chat (the prospect of them having a full scene collectively is tremendous thrilling).

She additionally is aware of the placement of the Time-Keepers, in keeping with the captive TVA agent, so she is perhaps planning a direct assault on them.

Within the comics, the Asgardians had been reborn on Earth after Ragnarok, and Loki took on a feminine kind as a result of his Frost Large heritage. She claimed to have reformed, however was actually as much as no good as a result of Loki gonna Loki it doesn’t matter what their gender.

Loki’s gender can also be marked as “fluid” in his TVA file, suggesting he can change at will. So Girl Loki in all probability would not have a very totally different historical past from the male one.

MCU Girl Loki is kinda offered because the baddy, however the Time-Keepers are just about ruling actuality with an iron fist by sustaining the Sacred Timeline and deciding the fates of each being in existence. Perhaps she’s determined to struggle again? Using Bonnie Tyler’s 1984 basic Holding Out for a Hero as she takes down the TVA brokers looks like a significant clue.

And now you’ve gotten a killer tune to hearken to as you learn. Oddly, that is the second time this track has been utilized in Marvel — it was within the E3 reveal of the Sq. Enix Guardians of the Galaxy sport on Sunday. Exterior Marvel, it additionally performed throughout Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe trailer final week.

It is also attainable that the woman is not actually a Loki variant — the episode’s overseas market credit say Di Martino performs “Sylvie,” not “The Variant.” The title and blonde hair have led some followers to suspect we’d truly be trying on the MCU model of Sylvie Lushton, aka Enchantress. For simplicity’s sake, I will preserve calling her Girl Loki for now.

Multiverse reborn

Girl Loki “bombs the Sacred Timeline” by sending numerous stolen reset expenses again to varied factors, apparently creating a great deal of branches or restoring branches the TVA beforehand reset. This shattered timeline looks like it’s going to tie immediately into Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity and arrange different components of the MCU’s Section 4, because it creates limitless storytelling potential. Studies recommend it’s going to play into Spider-Man: No Means Residence as nicely.

I ponder which of them are the varied What If realities, the Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield Spider-Man universes or the Fox X-Males worlds?

Studying of Ragnarok

Going via the information on his Sacred Timeline self, Loki learns of Asgard’s destruction in Thor: Ragnarok. A complete of 9,719 Asgardians had been killed, however the file would not observe {that a} bunch of them escaped to Earth (though half of these survivors had been slain by Thanos and his goons).

Regardless that it prompts Loki’s realization that his counterpart is “hiding in apocalypses,” he appears genuinely saddened to see that his dwelling was destroyed. Between discovering that, his adoptive dad and mom’ deaths, his reconciliation with Thor and his heroic loss of life at Thanos’ arms, it looks like he is growing into the character his Sacred Timeline self turned. Or he’ll reject that and go his personal method.

Both method, it in all probability additionally made him much more decided to overthrow the tyranny of the Time-Keepers and alter his future.

The one good TVA agent

We be taught that Mobius has by no means met the Time-Keepers, so he is spent his life doing the bidding of unseen beings. It appears doubtless they don’t seem to be what he thinks they’re, and that he’ll find yourself becoming a member of the Lokis in rebelling towards them.

His fascination with jet skis is telling — he is in a position to leap across the timeline, however hasn’t been in a position to hop on one of many leisure watercraft. For all the facility he wields, he is nonetheless certain by the Time-Keepers’ guidelines.

“I feel a TVA agent displaying up on a jet ski on the Sacred Timeline, that may create a department for positive,” he says, however he acknowledges sadly that it would be “actually enjoyable” to attempt one out (can affirm).

This man had higher get to journey a jet ski earlier than the sequence is finished, or there isn’t any justice within the MCU.

As soon as once more, he is the one TVA agent who exhibits any compassion for the doomed folks the brokers encounter on the timeline — his co-workers appear to be tough, dismissive jerks (probably reflecting the Time-Keepers’ attitudes). Mobius’ decency additionally appears to have rubbed off on Loki, who checks to see if the folks enchanted by his counterpart are nonetheless alive.

Observations, WTF questions and Easter eggs

  • Years visited: 1985, 79 AD, 2050.
  • We see a bunch of Loki variants in Mobius’ hologram, together with a Tour de France-winning bike owner, a Hellboy-style model (or is he gamma radiation-infused?), a Baphomet-looking man and one in armor a bit like that worn by Kurgan in Highlander.
  • The Roxxcart retailer is presumably an offshoot of Roxxon, the ruthless oil company usually seen within the background of the MCU motion pictures and extra prominently in exhibits like Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent Carter and Cloak & Dagger.
  • Given Loki’s detailed explanations of phantasm projection and duplication casting, he is in all probability going to make use of not less than one through the present’s run.
  • The pen Mobius makes use of to signal the paperwork in Ravona’s workplace says “Franklin D Roosevelt Excessive Faculty,” nevertheless it’s unclear what this implies. The opposite trophies he mentions are a curler skate and a snow globe.
  • It is attainable the TVA brokers will be capable of reset a number of the timeline branches and restore the Sacred Timeline to some extent, nevertheless it positive appears to be like like there have been too many to take care of.
  • A few of the most intriguing branches occur in 0051 Hala (the Kree homeworld), 1001 Xander (headquarters of the Nova Corps), 1382 Ego (Star Lord’s Celestial dad), 1982 Titan (Thanos’ homeworld), 1984 Sakaar (from Thor: Ragnarok), 2004 Asgard (you realize this one) and 2301 Vormir (resting place of the Soul Stone), nevertheless it’s unlikely we’ll go to any of those locations.

Be part of us for extra Easter eggs and observations subsequent Wednesday, June 23, when episode 3 of Loki hits Disney Plus.

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